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Lake Bohinj iconic tree

Lake Bohinj: a Priceless Jewel in Slovenia’s treasure chest of destinations

Scenically located against the backdrop of pristine nature, Lake Bohinj offers a variety of activities to make your holidays in Slovenia unforgettable.

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Many visitors coming to Slovenia discover Lake Bohinj and conclude that it is the most beautiful lake they have ever seen. Don’t get it wrong: Slovenia is rich on other wonderful lakes, such as Lake Bled, for instance. All of them compete with Lake Bohinj for popularity and recognition, and each of them is known for its own unique character and charm. So, what’s special about Bohinj?

This could be the turquoise waters of Lake Bohinj, which have a mesmerizing effect on tourists and lure them to stay for a few days and enjoy their unforgettable holidays in Slovenia.

Lake Bohinj is the biggest natural lake in Slovenia

The name of Bohinj is generic and refers not only to the lake but the whole area around it. The nearest villages are Studor, Ribčev Laz, Stara Fužina, Srednja Vas, and Ukanc, located to the southwest and northeast of the lake respectively. To the east of the lake, there lies Bohinjska Bistrica, the largest town nearby.

Lake Bohinj is often associated with outdoor activities – it is Slovenia’s largest lake with more than 4 kilometers in length, which boasts to be an exemplary destination for active recreation. Just like many other Alpine lakes, Lake Bohinj occupies a glacial valley in the Julian Alps and is said to contain as much as 100 million cubic meters of water. After every heavy rainfall, its water level rises up to three meters. The lake is deep and its basin descends sharply, reaching 45 meters at maximum. Most of the lake is 20 meters deep, so diving is a great pastime. Lake Bohinj is replenished by underwater karst springs and seasonal precipitation, so it is never shallow.   

Lake Bohinj offers stunning views and mind-blowing activities

Lake Bohinj area lies within the Triglav National Park, which is the only national park in Slovenia and can match the Alpine landscapes of Austria, Switzerland and southern Germany in beauty. It is encrusted with plenty of authentic villages and offers breathtaking views.

Comfortably located within an hour’s drive from Ljubljana, Lake Bohinj is remote enough to be quiet and typically Slovene, yet accessible enough to become multi-cultural and lively in the high season. A few days spent at Lake Bohinj will help you recharge your batteries and feel appeased.

At Lake Bohinj, you can always sit and watch the mountainous landscapes, inhaling the cleanest air and resting in the tranquil environment, although tourists come here seeking much more than just passive contemplation. For sure, their expectations will not be defeated.

According to popular opinion, Lake Bohinj is perfect for visiting in summer – it offers endless opportunities to relax, swim in the transparent water, go kayaking, practice horse riding, rowing, and windsurfing.

Apart from moderate active recreation, Lake Bohinj also boasts a bunch of adventures for the daredevils and fans of sporty lifestyles. For instance, there is Kerglc trekking trail, which includes 18 stations and lots of devices designed to make the tourists climb, run, jump, improve overall body performance, coordination, and strength.

Lake Bohinj for Adrenaline Junkies

Located at Hansen’s Ski Jump facility in Polje, which is less than three kilometers from the lake, there is Bohinjski Flyer, the first ski flight simulator in Slovenia, which helps young sportsmen enhance their ski jumping technique and trains every visitor to overcome their limits and phobias during the 250 m flight.

Adrenaline-seekers can take a chair lift to one of the takeoff points on Mount Vogel and venture a tandem flight with a paraglide. Starting at the altitude of 1650 meters, you will see the whole valley, a spectacular panorama of the Julian Alps, and of Lake Bohinj, landing on its shore at the altitude of only 530 meters. This flight will bestow you with 20 minutes of a heart-throbbing experience you will never forget.

Those who still have some courage left after this adventure will probably want to visit the largest zip line park in this part of the country, offering 5 steel cables tightened between the treetops and a free fall simulation at the end.

In addition, there are numerous watersports activities, cycling and mountain biking venues, countless hiking trails of varying difficulty, and rock climbing sites.

Breathtaking attractions in the vicinity: Savica Waterfall

Endless activities at Lake Bohinj are impossible to imagine without paying a visit to Savica Waterfall, which is ranked as high as the third most popular destination in Slovenia. Disguised between the steep rocky hills, the waterfall is a gem of its own kind. When paired with the surrounding panorama and the adjacent Lake Bohinj, it creates a mind-blowing ensemble of pristine nature. The waterfall serves as the starting point of the Sava Bohinjka river, which flows into the lake. The watercourse of Savica Waterfall is divided into two parts, which is a rare thing to see among waterfalls. Masses of torrential water fall from almost 80 meters with an unforgettable sound, generating water spray.

The waterfall receives water directly from the Triglav Lakes and is connected with them through a karst cave tunnel which can be explored with proper equipment and under the experienced guide’s supervision.

Near the waterfall, you can always buy souvenirs, drinks and ice cream, or even dine at a restaurant. It will take you less than half an hour to reach Savica Waterfall on foot.

From here, you can hike to the Valley of the Triglav Lakes. Alternatively, your hike can take a more decisive turn up the steep hill and towards Komarča and Črno Jezero lake. This one is more strenuous and open, but still perfectly safe and offering impressive views of the Julian Alps.

Highly recommended: the Church of St. John the Baptist

Fans of medieval clerical sights cannot overlook the Church of St. John the Baptist as an outstanding example of Slovene architecture. The church exterior and interior embrace the timespan from Romanticism to Baroque, although it is believed to have been built more than 700 years ago. It may not be accidental that the church was erected on the site of archeological finds, dating back to the turn of eras. The church is widely known for keeping the 14th-century carved image of St. John the Baptist, which is an object of global importance, protected by Slovenia’s official institutions as a sample of unique cultural heritage. The

National Gallery in Ljubljana exhibits the original Gothic altar of the church, and the fresco on the façade depicting St. Christopher was executed between 1300 and 1530. All of this goes to prove why the church is viewed as an extraordinary object of interest, available for guided and individual tours from the lake. 

A Walk to remember: Mostnica Gorge and Voje Valley

Walking in Voje Valley, you can savor the scent of Alpine forests and listen to the chirpy birds hiding in the green foliage. The valley is intersected by the Mostnica river which is widely reputed for precipices and waterfalls. Stara Fužina village is the starting point of the hike. This hamlet is a charming example of Slovenian rural life, where you can enjoy not only the local delicacies and drinks, but also get acquainted with customs and traditions.

Visiting the gorge is best from March to October, when the weather is favorable and the landscapes – more picturesque. However, since you are going to visit a mountainous region, caution is always needed on the footpath along the gorge. Tourists are drawn to Mostnica Gorge as a perfect illustration of how attractive and creative mother nature can be, although visiting it in case of snow is not recommended. 

The best experience of visiting Voje valley is derived from a hike with an experienced guide who will comment on the culture and habitat of Voje valley residents and provide noteworthy historical facts to illustrate everything you will see in the explored area. The round tour of Mostnica Gorge and the valley will take about five hours. Be sure that the time will fly unnoticed as it often happens when you are engaged in an interesting and inspiring activity.

Feeling on top of the world on Mount Vogel

The mountain can be ascended by cable car, which opens panoramic views of the neighboring landscapes. Another option is to climb the mountain, if you are fit enough and seeking adventures. Mount Vogel and its slopes are great for paragliding flights and covered with a lace of hiking trails. Hiking in the area, you can discover the colorful world of local flora and fauna, see the mountain pastures of Zadnii Vogel where you are welcome to taste the exclusive local dairy produce, and visit archeological sites, such as Železna pot. Again, guided hikes to the Vogel cable car station are recommended for a better traveling experience.

Taking a walk near Mount Vogel reveals interesting facts about the history of this region. You can learn many legends about Lopata forest and ring the wishing bell on top of Mount Orlove Glave. Wherever you go, you will be accompanied by the stunning Alpine panoramas.

If you visit the area in winter, you will discover the territory to be refurbished into a fantastic ski resort with more than 18 kilometers of ski slopes and plenty of cross-country ski routes, offering winter activities to every taste and running a children’s park for the youngest visitors. 

A must-do: arranging a tour to the Triglav National Park

The Bohinj valley lies mostly within the Triglav National Park. Since it is an exclusive and only national park in Slovenia, it is hard to overestimate the importance of Triglav park in presenting Bohinj as a tourist destination. The primary concern of the national park is to preserve and protect the natural ecosystems and Slovenian cultural heritage. The Triglav National Park does a huge amount of educational work, accumulating unique natural resources and promoting harmonious and sustainable coexistence of man and nature.

Lake Bohinj gondola Vogel

Accommodation options at Lake Bohinj

Housing options in the region are diverse and numerous. The traveler can choose from hotels, chalets, boarding houses, apartments and private rooms for rent, hostels, campsites, tourist farms and mountain huts. Of special interest are the local guesthouses called gostilnas. Whatever lodging the tourists choose, they will receive a hearty and warm reception. Lake Bohinj welcomes visitors from all countries, and people of various social status will find the best lodging for themselves.

The area around Lake Bohinj is a peculiar combination of serene wilderness to explore, authentic lifestyles to learn and picture-perfect landscapes to contemplate. Lake Bohinj and the surrounding land seems to originate from a fairy tale and will inevitably provide you with plenty of memories for a lifetime.

Indeed, Lake Bohinj is a year-round destination with top-notch activities and excellent hiking opportunities you will praise unreservedly.

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