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Marco Buechel Buxi

Marco Büchel Buxi reflects on the skiing industry after COVID-19 “first wave”

Marco “Buxi” Büchel, a former Alpine Ski Racer with 6 participations in a Winter Olympics

Marco Büchel “Buxi” was born on November 4, 1971. He was an active professional Alpine Ski Racer in the World Cup series.

His statistics and sporting highlights are amazing. Marco has attended his first Winter Olympics in 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway. 

Marco’s sporting highlights:

  • He attended 6 Winter Olympics with the last one in 2010
  • 1 World Cup silver medal in the giant slalom
  • 4 World Cup victories
  • 18 podium finishes in the World Cup
  • 90 top 10 positions in the World Cup, World Championships and Olympic games
  • 10 participations in the World Championships

Marco “Bux” Büchel was one of the most famous ski racers worldwide. Since retiring in 2010, he has been popular and in demand as an entertainer and communicator in various areas.

He is saying about himself: “Communication has always been one of my strengths. Whether before, as a ski racer during interviews or today, as a ski expert, speaker, ambassador, or privately – language enables me to create closeness and build bridges. It enables me to convey specialist knowledge understandably, convey emotions, and share my passion for sport with people.”

Marco Büchel currently works as a ski expert and commentator for German television ZDF and has maintained partnerships with AUDI Germany, HEAD International, and LGT Bank in Liechtenstein for many years. As a goodwill ambassador, he carries the Liechtenstein brand to the outside world. He is also a member of the Material and Security Working Group at FIS.

Take a few minutes and watch an extremely interesting interview with Marco Büchel “Buxi” on his point and thoughts about skiing industry, professional skiing, and overall ski holidays industry after the 1st wave of coronavirus.

Source of information including photo: Wikipedia,

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