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Dominik Paris

Dominik Paris reflects on COVID19

37 podiums and out of them 18 wins, makes Dominik Paris one of the best all-time alpine speed racers.

Dominik Paris was born on 14 April 1989 in the South Tirol town Merano in Italy.

His father was a ski instructor and a passionate skier that is why he first put Dominik Paris on skis at the age of only three years and a half and devoted a great deal of effort to teach him the skiing turns.

Dominik Paris, “the Rocker” of the ski racing caravan, is known as a passionate lover of Metal and Rock music. His big hobby is playing the guitar.

He is known as one of the best ski racers of all time in downhill and super-g. Totally he has got 37 podiums, 23 in downhill, 13 in super-g and 1 in super combination.

Take a look Dominik Paris on video below, what he thinks about the current COVID19

During the quarantine, we have had a quick interview on how he sees the future after COVID19 and the full skiing and ski holidays industry. 

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