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Lago di Sorapis Panorama

Lago di Sorapis: a Hidden Gem in the Italian Dolomites

When the spring sun cloaks the trees with color and blossom, your soul starts begging for a calming escape.

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You want to get away from the crazy rhythm of life, tiresome daily routine, and overcrowded bustling streets. You want a gulp of fresh air away from the busy traffic. You need a break!

Lago di Sorapis – Imagination

Close your eyes and picture a healing day trip to a secluded place where you and nature can merge into a single harmonious entity. Imagine the turquoise waters of a mountain lake, located peacefully against the backdrop of rugged, irregular-shaped limestone cliffs. Add a few brush strokes of the unbelievable azure sky and finalize the view with the emerald-green ocean of pines and fir-trees on the mountain slopes… Why don’t you grab your backpack and follow your dreams to the place just as beautiful as the legends about it?

The legend of Lago di Sorapis

The legend goes that there lived a king named Sorapis and his capricious daughter, whom the father loved dearly. Their family idyll was ruined by an ill-wishing witch, who put a spell on the girl, Misurina, and promised her a magical mirror in return for giving shade to the witch’s house. When the girl voiced this to her father, the indulgent king preferred not to upset the young lady and transfigured himself into a rock towering over the house and sheltering it from the sun. Having realized the tragedy of his sacrifice, Misurina wept tears of grief that filled a lake at the foot of her petrified parent. This is how Lago di Sorapis in northern Italy appeared at the foot of the eponymous mountain.

Lago di Sorapis Location

Located right in the center of a small basin amidst limestone cliffs, glacial Lake Sorapis is fueled by the melting snow and precipitation. It looks flooded in spring and early summer and then loses its size and endless gallons of crystal clear water in late July and August. The only way to reach Lago di Sorapis is by walking the twisting mountain roads and admiring the most spectacular landscapes of Northern Italy. You are highly recommended wearing comfortable shoes or hiking boots and taking walking poles, water and snacks. Both seasoned explorers and beginning travelers with itchy feet fall in love with the lake once they see its mesmerizing water surface.   

Hiking to Lago di Sorapis

The starting-point of your trail is Passo Tre Croci, located halfway between Cortina and Misurina and accessible by car or public transport. Innsbruck, Venice and Verona airports are within a 2 to 3 hours’ drive from here. Alongside the road, you will find a parking lot and a bus stop. Arriving early will secure you a parking place and help avoid crowds of tourists. As you look around, you will see dewy Alpine meadows, grazing horses, and picturesque mountain peaks at a distance. Having found the path, uphill you will go, inhaling the sweet scent of pine trees. During the hike, your eyes will inevitably rest on the distant spires of Tre Cime di Lavaredo and the vibrant green Misurina Valley.

Your moderate hiking trail suddenly gets more difficult as the path takes you to the cliff’s edge, offering a spectacular panorama of the Eastern Dolomites. When you look down, your heart will surely skip a beat or two, but the view surely matches the price you pay. As the route is getting more challenging, there appear metal stairs and handrail ropes for your support and safety.

All of a sudden, after more than two hours of hiking, there emerges the magnificent Lago di Sorapis, nestled among the stiff rocks, facing the 3200-meter Mount Sorapis, and looking serene and milky blue. This is the spot where everyone feels a subconscious urge to halt and take a deep breath. Shimmering in the sunlight, this lake is one of the most mind-blowing scenes you have ever seen in life.

Walk around the lake, enjoying it from different angles and taking memorable pictures, or meditate looking at its blue waters and recollecting the old legend. This is an ideal place to admire tranquility and celebrate the reunion of man and nature.

Lago di Sorapis Panoramica 2

Every hike to Lago di Sorapis, a truly iconic lake in the Italian Dolomites, is a never to be forgotten adventure that must be on your bucket list. It is for a reason that the untouched and authentic Dolomites have been included to the UNESCO World Heritage.

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If you are fit, energetic and keen on active holidays, you must spare a day and undertake a journey to Lago di Sorapis to feel its magic and get rejuvenated by the beauty of mother nature.

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